Day of solidarity with Russian antifascists

Year and two days ago, human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and anarchist journalist of Novaya Gazeta, Anastasia Baburova were shot in cold blood in center of Moscow.

Sad anniversary two days ago, 19th of January, became biggest manifestation of solidarity with Russian anti-fascists ever – actions were organised in more than 30 cities in Russia and around the world.

Much has happened during a year, in beginning of November Russian police arrested two suspects of the murder of Stanislav and Anastasiya – Nazi activists Nikita Tikhonov and Yevgeniya Khasis. Little is yet known about the evidence against the two, but amongst Russian anti-fascists there is a wide belief that double murder was indeed work of Nazis, although not necessarily by the two alone. Tikhonov was a successful right-wing journalists and political spin doctor, before an arrest warrant was issued against him in August 2006 for organizing murder of anti-fascist Aleksander Ryukhin in April 2006. This arrest warrant was much due to efforts of Stanislav Markelov, and Tikhonov was forced to go underground against his personal will – thus he had both political and personal issues with Markelov.

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